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is given to recognize extraordinary seniors who have made a difference at West Hills. Announced at graduation each year, these are the students who have demonstrated a willingness to do whatever they can to make our school a better place for all without consideration of personal glory, gain, or celebrity. That might come from their efforts, but they are the "do-ers" the ones who lead through example, exemplify the West Hills Way, and have left a living legacy for their peers through their efforts. Limited to a maximum of 10 seniors chosen by a faculty-staff-administration committee, these Seniors grabbed onto the Wolf Pack and made it stronger for their having been in it.

The Silver “W”

In an attempt to honor students in all classes, The Alpha+ Club was formed at the start of West Hills in 1987. Each semester, teachers have the opportunity to select one student from each class to receive the Alpha+ award. The criteria includes but is not limited to scholarship, attitude, conduct, improvement, effort and intellectual curiosity.  The Alpha+ Club was the idea of Mr. David Hunter, the original Vice Principal at West Hills.  The purpose of the Alpha+ Club was to honor “the select many” as opposed to the “select few”.  The name Alpha+ was derived from Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World.  The Alpha+ caste were the thinkers and doers performing the most difficult tasks.  Because West Hills’ nickname is the Wolf Pack, a second meaning emerged.  The dominant males and females are often called the Alpha Wolves.  How fitting, then, that the leaders of the West Hills Wolf Pack in the classroom be given the same name.



Alpha +


Hunter's Hero 

The Hunter's Hero award is given at graduation to recognize seniors who have received six or more Alpha + awards, wrote an essay on how they made West Hills a better place, and completed an application. From these applications, the Hunter's Hero is awarded. 

Hunter's Hero

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